Three Reasons To Hire A Tree Service To Trim Or Remove A Tree In Your Yard

Trees add visual appeal to virtually any yard, but there often comes a time at which an overgrown or dead tree is unsightly instead of welcoming. While the average homeowner can often successfully perform small trimming jobs, it's not ideal to tackle larger trimming projects or the removal of a tree on your own. Doing so can pose a danger to you and your home if you don't have the right training and tools to get the job done safely. Here are three scenarios in which it's important to hire a tree service to pay you a visit.

You've Got A Dead Tree On Your Property

It might make sense that a dead tree needs to be cut down, but you don't have to look very far in your neighborhood to see homeowners who have simply ignored this problem. Dead trees are more than just a visual concern. They lack the structural integrity of living trees and can very easily have limbs break off during a windstorm, which could damage your home or injure someone below. Dealing with a dead tree is something you shouldn't attempt on your own. This type of tree is highly unpredictable to manage and requires intervention from a professional tree service to ensure it's handled correctly and safely.

You Have A Tree That Appears Diseased

A tree that's developed a disease might look normal at a distance, but a closer inspection will reveal that something's wrong. Whether it's a case of root rot, abnormal fungal growth or blight, a diseased tree can be problematic by spreading the disease to other vegetation on your property. Hiring a tree service to investigate the issue is ideal. You'll get an accurate understanding of the issue that the tree is facing and the next steps that should be taken. Whether the tree service can successfully trim the tree to remove the disease or needs to cut down the tree entirely, it's ideal to have this professional care.

You're Concerned About Branches Close To Your Home

In addition to making annoying scratching sounds during windstorms, tree branches that have grown to touch your home can cause damage. Over time, they can loosen siding panels and even hinder your home's gutters. This issue doesn't necessarily require the removal of the tree, but trimming branches far off the ground isn't a job for the amateur. A tree service will be able to strategically trim to tree to keep it healthy while also ensuring that it doesn't harm your home.

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